Victoria M Edwards

PhD Candidate in ScalAR Lab . GRASP Lab . School of Engineering and Applied Science . University of Pennsylvania.


Pennovation Center

3401 Grays Ferry Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19146

I am an experimental roboticist working on heterogeneous robotic teaming. I am interested in how robot teams work together to achieve complex tasks in unstructured environments. This spans interests from large scale collectives demonstrating emergent behavior, to smaller scale teams with sophisticated capabilities and coordinated task strategies. I use tools from dynamical systems theory and probability theory to bridge the gaps between algorithmic methods to deploy teams of robots and existing modeling methods which describe the evolution of the team. Identifying the underlying connections between the model and the algorithm hits at a fundamental question of understanding the continuous world in relation to a discretized algorithm.


Oct 5, 2023 Come to our workshop “Robotics for the Blue Economy and Climate Resiliency” at IROS 2023 in Detroit Michigan. Program starts at 0830 - 1730 and includes outstanding speakers, poster presentations, networking opportunities and much more! For more information about the workshop look here.
Oct 4, 2023 Paper accepted and will be presented at IROS 2023 in Detroit, Michigan. Titled: “On Collaborative Robot Teams for Environmental Monitoring: a Macroscopic Ensemble Approach”
May 11, 2023 Awarded the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Outstanding Teaching Award, May 2023.
Nov 30, 2022 Paper accepted and presented at DARS 2022 titled: “Stochastic Nonlinear Ensemble Modeling and Control for Robot Team Environmental Monitoring”
Nov 7, 2022 Awarded MEAM Department Spring 2022 Outstanding TA Award. Presented by Dr. Prashant Purohit, and nominated by Dr. Nadia Figueroa for work done in MEAM 520: Introduction to Robotics

selected publications

  1. Delay induced swarm pattern bifurcations in mixed reality experiments
    Edwards, Victoria, deZonia, Philip, Hsieh, M Ani, Hindes, Jason, Triandaf, Ioana, and Schwartz, Ira B
    Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 2020
  2. Stochastic nonlinear ensemble modeling and control for robot team environmental monitoring
    Edwards, Victoria, Silva, Thales C, and Hsieh, M Ani
    16th International Symposium on Distriubted Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS) 2022